Ageratum houstonianum ‘Timeless Mix’ plants – (Floss flower)


A multipurpose airy, graceful white floss flower which will bloom its heart out from spring to autumn for you.

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Note there is a limited quantity of these plants. They are in 8cm pots

This plant has pretty fluffy flowers in colours of white, pink and blue which grow on a well branched bushy plant. The flowers are good as a cut flower because they have tall study stems and provide a light airy texture to bouquets. But they are also a valuable plant in the garden, where the mid green, heart shaped foliage with scalloped edges creates a useful foil for the flowers. The flowers are produced throughout the summer, and bees and butterflies are attracted to their light scent. Remove the old flowers to encourage further flowering, and tidy up the plant. The plant likes a position in full sun , with moist well drained soil, though will tolerate partial shade, and doesn’t have many pest and disease problems. It grows easily from seed, and can be used in containers as well as in the garden. In warmer parts of New Zealand it performs as a perennial, but is used as an annual in colder parts

Additional information


Annual, Half Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Floss Flower


Asteraceae, Compositae

Maximum Height

approx 60 cm