Achillea millefolium ‘Proa’ plants -(Yarrow)



Just a limited quantity of these plants in 8cm pots $8.50 each .  They are available for pickup from 449 Sandringham road Tues-Wed 10-2pm. Please email us on to reserve a plant and organise pickup



This achillea is an improved form which produces more uniform flower head size andthe flowers are a better white than other millefoliums. They have a high quantity of essential oil content. People who use achillea millefolium for medicinal purposes such as treating colds, fevers and to improve digestion and circulation prefer this achillea.

It is also used for wildflower plantings where it looks very attractive in groups, and as a cut flower which dries well .

Additional information

Common Name

Sweet Yarrow

Maximum Height

approx 90 cm with flowers