Viola cornuta ‘Brush Strokes’ seeds – ( Pansy)


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This lovely little pansy selection has pretty flowers in an array of silken colours. Each of the flowers has beautiful and unusual brush stroke like markings. They are small bushy perennial plants which are also floriferous, hardy and as a bonus the flowers are also edible, and can be candied.

sowing advice

Sow spring and autumn.Sow 2mm deep and cover very lightly with soil. Ideal temp. 22°C. If seeds have not germinated in 2-4 weeks move to 4°C ( fridge) for 6-8 weeks then return to warmth at 10°C. When seedlings have 2 true leaves transplant to 8cm pots. Grow on for a year before finally planting out with 50cm spacing.

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Maximum Height

approx 40 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 30