Senecio cineraria ‘Cirrus’ seeds – (Dusty Miller)


A small plant with large rounded silver white fuzzy leaves. It is used as an accent for placing between coloured border plants and lights up the garden.

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Senecio cineraria ‘Cirrus’ is grown for its foliage and for its mounding plant form.It is often used as an edging plant for marking the perimeter of a border. The rounded leaves are a silvery-grey and they feel like soft silver felted ears from a small animal.The plant grows to approx 20cm tall and makes a lovely contrasting filler for spaces in the garden, between brightly coloured bedding plants or for pots. It likes full sun, does well in most soils, likes a well drained site and tolerates drought well. It is very weather resistant. In warmer areas it can act like a perennial.

Sowing advice
Sow in spring, or January for production of plants for Winter containers. Germination takes up to 21 days at 18-21°C, cover lightly with vermiculite, prick out after 5-6 weeks and grow on at 10-15°C.

Additional information


Annual, Short lived perennial

Common Name

Dusty Miller



Maximum Height

approx 20 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 30