Salvia splendens plants


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These plants are in 8cm pots
This plant is larger than the normal dwarf bedding salvia splendens. It grows to approximately 1 metre and forms a nice compact bush. Although it is not generally considered to be frost hardy,it survives the few frosts we have in Auckland, even growing outside with no protection. It is a magnificent bloomer, producing fiery red blooms all summer long and through the autumn into early winter. It finally gets somewhat straggly in winter especially if the weather has been cold, and it will die back somewhat. In milder northern regions of New Zealand, if given a light haircut in winter it will commence growth in spring and will flower for you when the weather warms. In colder regions it is probably best treated as an annual. It grows easily from seed and it is one of the steady performers in the garden producing colour throughout the warmer months of the year.

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Annual, Short lived perennial