Primula x pubescens ‘Kaleidoscope’ plants



Picture thanks to Jelitto Seeds

There are just a few of these plants in 8cm pots – $7 each. Available from 449 Sandringham Road Tues – Thurs 10- 2 pm.  Please email us on to reserve a plant and arrange a time to collect.


This is a mix of colours so you might get any colour when your plant flowers.  The selection  has a brilliant coloured mixture of large flowering yellow, velvety-red, blue-lilac, creamy white and bicoloured variations borne over a mound of leathery mid green leaves. It has an award of garden merit from the RHS.

The plant likes moist humus rich soil which is well drained and is in part shade.They do not like heat nor can they tolerate humidity. If you live in Northern areas of NZ then grow them on the south side of the house and keep them moist.

Additional information



Common Name

Garden Auricula



Maximum Height

approx 20 cm