Polemonium caeruleum, ‘Blue Pearl’-(Jacob’s ladder)


A heavy blooming plant which produces clusters of azure- blue flowers, which are great for cutting.


This plant has beautiful azure blue flowers and will produce blooms in as little as 3 months after planting. The flowers are pendulous and cup shaped. They are attractive to butterflies and are very good for cutting.

The lush fern-like leaves are divided, like the rungs on a ladder and hence the common name Jacob’s ladder.

The plants prefer filtered shade or afternoon shade, and will also tolerate full shade. They like rich moist but well drained soil in moderate temperatures, and will  not tolerate high heat and humidity.

Cut the plant back after flowering, as this keeps it neat and tidy, and encourages it to put up more flowers. In autumn cut back to the base of the plant. Propagate by division in spring.

It is deer and rabbit resistant.

Sowing advice

Sow indoors or under glass in autumn or spring. Surface sow onto moist, well-drained seed compost. Just cover seed with a sprinkling of vermiculite. Ideal temp. 15-18°C. Allow temperature to fall slightly at night. Germination takes 20-25 days approx. If temps. rise too high germination may fail. Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle to 8cm pots and grow on in light shade. Overwinter under glass for the first year. Acclimatise and plant out the following year after danger of frost has passed.

Additional information


Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Jacob's ladder



Maximum Height

90 cm

Number of seeds in packet