Papaver somniferum ‘Antique Shades’ – (Poppy)


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This is the beautiful, old, very historic mixture, which you would have seen in the gardens of monasteries and cottages in earlier centuries, if you had happened to live in those times. It is the flower that has appeared in paintings and tapestries down through the ages. This mix contains flowers of pink hues, antique rose, white blushed with pink and perhaps purple, white with speckles and stripes and also purples.
The plant grows to about 1.2 metres and has large luscious grey green leaves. It produces, in early summer, wonderful full buds, from which burst the most spectacular flowers,and once the flower has dropped there are amazingly architectural seed pods which can be used for flower arrangements.
They like deep, well-drained, fertile soil in full sun, and they can also be grown in large containers. Give them lots of water and enrich the soil with manure, compost or bone meal ahead of planting, or use any organic fertiliser rich in nitrogen. They are greedy growers and will gobble up all of the nutrients , but the reward when they flower will dispel all of your doubts as to their worth.

Papaver somniferum may well be the most beautiful flower in your garden.

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Sowing advice

Sow seeds in early spring, to early summer and again in late summer and autumn.
Sow directly where they are to grow, Scatter the seed sparingly onto prepared garden soil. By sowing sparingly, it will reduce the need to thin the plants later on. Do not cover the seed. Poppy seeds need light and oxygen for germination and your seeds may not germinate if they are buried. Keep the soil moist but not soggy until the seeds are well on their way .Slugs enjoy feasting on poppies, so use slug bait. Once the seedlings are 3cm tall thin them to stand 18 cm apart as they need space to grow well.

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Maximum Height

1.2 metres

Number of seeds in packet

approx 40