Mirabilis jalapa ‘Country Garden Mix’ seeds – ( 4 o’clocks, Marvel of Peru)


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This is a lovely old fashioned and popular country garden plant which is grown as an annual in colder areas , but can be grown as a perennial in warmer areas . It has a mix of rose, red, yellow, white shades of flowers and they can all appear on the same plant over glossy dark green leaves. The immensely fragrant flowers open up in the afternoon and the common name of the plant reflects this. They open in response to a temperature drop. Nocturnal moths and other nighttime pollinators are attracted to their nectar. The flowers remain open throughout the night and into the morning, when temperatures rise and the flowers wilt. Its flowers bloom just once, but there are many of them and they open each afternoon, and the plant blooms all summer long.
On cloudy days, the flowers open earlier and sometimes won’t close at all, due to the lower temperatures through lack of sun
Caution : seeds are poisonous

Sowing advice
Sow indoors in trays or pots, approx 8 weeks before the last frost. Sow the seeds onto moist seed raising mix and cover them lightly. Keep them moist , but not waterlogged at about 20 – 23 deg C. They shoudl germnate in about 10-14 days . Plant them out when there is no danger of frost. They grow best in full sun , but will tolerate light shade. They should be watered frequently and be planted in a good fertile soil.

Additional information


Annual, Perennial



Common Name

4 o'clocks, Marvel of Peru

Maximum Height

approx 60 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 30