Lobelia cardinalis seeds


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This plant has brilliant red flowers on a tall spike above a neat dark green rosette of leaves. It provides a bright splash of colour in the summer and autumn, and adds height to the garden planting. It likes a moist soil in full sun to part shade . Its natural habitat is damp stream sides. It is a hardy minimum care plant which can be short lived. It will self seed for you if the conditions are ideal. Butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects love it.

Sowing Advice

Sow seeds on the surface of moist seed raising mix in pots or trays, in late winter to spring (for flowering the same year) or in spring to late summer (for flowering the next year). Don’t cover the seeds as light is required for germination. Ideal temp 20 deg C. Seal the pot or tray in a plastic bag until germination starts which will be in about 2 weeks Prick out the seedlingsinto bigger pots after about 3 weeks. Plant out after all danger of frost has gone.

Additional information


Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Cardinal Flower



Maximum Height

approx 90 cm with flowers

Number of seeds in packet

approx 50