Linum perenne seeds- ( Blue Flax, Alpine Flax)


A lovely small border plant with pretty blue flowers in profusion in midsummer, which are also good for cutting.

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Blue Flax is a favourite perennial which is easily grown from seed, performing especially well in hot, sunny areas. It is an extremely dainty and pretty plant.
It forms a bushy mound of small, ferny green leaves, bearing prolific numbers of small 5 petaled mid-blue flowers for weeks on end. Flowers open for only one day, but there is a continuous display, on delicate looking stems which are actually extremely difficult to break.
Trim plants back in midsummer to encourage repeat blooming in the autumn. Excellent for edging, in the rock garden, or in mixed containers. Also suitable for naturalizing in a meadow sites. It tolerates heat, humidity and drought. Short-lived but usually will self seed. Drought tolerant once established.

Sowing advice
Sow in spring directly where they are to flower.Prepare soil and rake to a fine tilth. Broadcast sow with a light covering of soil. Water regularly to encourage germination. Germination should take 2 weeks at 20°C, longer in cooler weather. Once germinated thin to 40cm spacing.Once established it is easy to grow. Do not fertilise as this reduces blooming. Does not like root disturbance.

Additional information


Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Alpine Flax, Blue Flax



Maximum Height

40 cm

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