Ligularia dentata ‘Midnight Lady ‘ plants – (Leopard Plant, Elephant Ears)


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Note : There is a limited quantity of these plants. They are in 10 cm pots.

This is a very handsome specimen perennial which needs a moist location.It will grow in partial shade quite well. It is sometimes called elephant ears. It produces a mound of very dark shining leaves which are a black purple in colour. The flowers appear in summer into early autumn rising well above the foliage. They are daisy-like and bright golden-orange in colour. They and the leaves pick well .

This plant is very elegant in a border or by the water. It can also be grown in a large container and makes an unusual specimen .

As for most plants which have luscious foliage , slugs and snails can be a problem.

You can divide the plant in spring every 3 -4 years. In our warmer areas give the plant at least afternoon shade.

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Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Leopard Plant