Godetia grandiflora ‘Grace Formula Mix’ plants



Picture thanks to Wild Garden Seed


These plants are in 8cm pots and are $7 each. They are available Tues-Fri 10-2pm from 449 Sandringham road.  Please email us on info@owairakaseeds.co.nz to reserve a plant and organise collection.

This is an F1 hybrid, bred for the cut flower market, which has approx 70 cm stems each bearing clusters of flowers, which cut well and last a long time in water. The flowers  come in a range of colours which includes salmon, red, rose and white .  It is also  a good plant for the garden, being in flower for about 10 weeks.  It does not like heat and grows best in 15-18 degrees during the day and no less than 10 degrees at night. It grows best in dry, cool climates, in light well drained soil in full sun.

Additional information



Common Name

Clarkia, Farewell to Spring



Maximum Height

approx 70cm with flowers