Gladiolus cardinalis hybrid bulbs


This rare flower grows well in New Zealand conditions. It also starts to produce its bright red flowers in late winter to early spring at a time when very little else is around. It forms a compact clump gradually over the years, and will produce small bulbs each year to increase your supply of plants.

3 Bulbs in packet.

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This rare South African plant is one of the most spectacular of the shorter growing gladioli. It has very bright red flowers 3- 6 per stem, splashed with white on the lower 3 petals. These plants come into flower in late winter when there is not much else about flowering and the bright red flowers provide a very welcome splash of colour to brighten up the garden.

Gladiolus cardinalis grows during the winter and spring, and goes dormant for the summer. It is not difficult to grow. It needs temperatures above freezing throughout winter. I’m not sure how much heat it can take, but it is reported to withstand nights as hot as 29 degrees C. It grows well in a small container in well-draining soil and also out in a garden bed equally well so long as it is well drained. When the bulb goes dormant in the summer, keep the soil relatively dry – this is not usually a problem in our climate as it is traditionally quite dry in summer. It enjoys mostly sunny conditions, and mine grow on a raised bed in the garden with little or no care. Each year, the plant will make some baby bulbs, which you can separate out and grow on to provide new plants.

5 flowering size bulbs in packet

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Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Waterfall Gladiolus



Maximum Height

50 cm