Gerbera jamesonii ‘Giant Flowered Hybrids’ plants


Large flowers which range in colour from coral, apricot and primrose to cream .

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Note: There is a limited quantity of these plants. They are in 10cm pots

These flowers are amongst the most spectacular of cut flowers. There is a wide range of vibrant colour in this mix from reds and pinks through pastel shades of coral, apricot and primrose to cream . The flowers are long-lasting . Each flower is 12 cm approx across. The plant grows to approx 30 cm, and flowers continuously all summer. It prefers light position and coolish temperatures with temperatures no greater than 20 degrees. It likes well drained soil which does not stay damp, but does not like to become bone dry. In warmer areas of New Zealand it can be grown outside and will come back for you each year.

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Half Hardy Perennial



Maximum Height

approx 30 cm