Geranium maderense alba hybrid plants


An eye-catching white form of the madiera geranium.

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Note : there is a limited quantity of these plants available. They are in 10cm pots.

These plants are from open-pollenated seeds of the beautiful white form of the giant geranium from the island of Madeira. It has great heads of white flowers which face upwards, and they are compactly presented on a large flower head which is about 1.5 metre high. The flowers have a dark pink eye with bright pink stamens. It makes a spectacular show in the garden under trees, in early summer just before Christmas. It grows well in a partially shaded location or full sun, and usually takes 2 years to flower. Once the plant has flowered it dies down, to be replaced by self seeded small plants. Once you have it , you will not be without it, although its progeny are easily removed. The leaves themselves are very handsome having large deeply dissected lobes, and they form a nice rounded clump with a ferny appearance.

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Hardy Biennial

Common Name

Madeira Cranesbill

Maximum Height

1.2 metres