Euphorbia ‘Blue Wonder’ – (Euphorbia Characias)


A smaller echium with dramatic steel grey leaves.

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This is a dwarf form of e. characias.  It has dramatic steel blue foliage and is used to give architectural dimension in a garden. It is an evergreen, and has large bracts of yellow flowers which contrast nicely with the steel blue foliage.

It requires a free draining soil in full sun, and dislikes winter wet. It can be used at the seaside, or in dry soils. It flowers in spring to summer. Like most euphorbias its sap is an irritant to skin and eyes , and is toxic if eaten.

Note : 8 seeds in packet


Sowing advice

For best results, sow seeds immediately onto a good soil-based compost. Cover the seeds with fine grit or compost to approximately their own depth. They can be sown at any time, and germination can sometimes be quicker if kept at 15 to 20 degrees C. However, one can also sow most seeds in an unheated greenhouse and wait for natural germination as many seeds have built-in dormancy mechanisms, and often wait for spring before emerging regardless of when they are sown. But spring sowing will obviously give them a full season of growth if successful germination occurs.

Additional information


Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Euphorbia Characias



Maximum Height

60 cm

Number of seeds in packet