Eryngium alpinum ‘Blue Star’ seeds


A plant that was especially  bred for the cut flower market which has lovely deep, steel blue flowers on good strong   stems

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Eryngium alpinum ‘Blue Star’ is an excellent  plant for the garden and makes a very good cut flower.  It has attractive deep steel blue flowers on sturdy   stems, and was especially bred for the cut flower market. The flowers mature to a  deeper blue as the summer moves into autumn, and they are  attractive in the winter when dusted with frost. The flowers can be dried for flower arrangements. It grows in well drained sandy soils and likes full sun. It does not like hot humid temperatures. It can withstand severe frost, and so is suitable for those regions which can get quite cold in winter.


Sowing advice

The seeds need a period of warmth followed by a period of moist cold to germinate.

Sow the seeds in seed raising mix, in either spring or summer.  Cover with a fine layer of seed raising mix. Moisten the soil and put the pot into a plastic bag together with a plant tag with the day’s date on it. Seal the bag. Keep the seeds at 18 -22 deg C for 4 weeks. Then move the pot, still in the plastic bag, to the fridge door (4 deg C) for 6 weeks. Then move to 5-12 degrees C for germination.

The seed germination can be irregular ( 5-90 days). As each seed germinates, transplant it into its own pot, as they don’t like to be moved when older.  When large enough plant out.

Additional information


Hardy Perennial


Apiaceae, Asteraceae

Maximum Height

approx 80 cm

Number of seeds in packet

approx 20