Echium ‘Blue Dwarf’ – (Echium Fastuosum Hybrid)


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This new shorter form of  Echium Fastuosum is thought to be a fastuosum/pininana  hybrid. It makes a low mound of hairy green whorls on branching stems. The stumpy fat spikes of dark blue flowers open from spring to early summer, and are very spectacular.  It will need protection from wind, and severe frosts  and will do best grown under the shelter of a hedge or a wall in full sun.

Note : 11 seeds in packet

Sowing advice

Seeds are best sown in spring or before mid summer to enable a full season of growth and are best sown where actually needed, preferably in a well-drained and sheltered spot. Otherwise, sow seeds, covering very thinly, in early spring onto a good soil-based compost in a frost-free place with good light. Seedlings appear in 4 to 6 weeks. Pot on into a gritty compost containing very little organic material before planting out as small plants in a well-drained, sheltered spot or a large container that may be taken in during the winter. Plants usually flower 24 months after sowing and often vary in habit and flower colour

Additional information


Half Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Echium Fastuosum Hybrid



Maximum Height

1.3 metres

Number of seeds in packet