Clematis montana ‘Perfumed Mix’ seeds


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This clematis has a mix of colours which range from white , through pinks to reds. They will all be lightly scented, with a sweet perfume. This clematis is easy an easy plant to grow and requires little care. It is a very pretty climber which grows well in our country and will cover tree stumps and any unsightly place with healthy foliage growth and a prolific display of dazzling , sweetly scented flowers.

Sowing advice
Sow the seeds in moist well drained potting mix.Cover them lghtly with mix and keep in a warm place. They can be quite slow to germinate, often many months , so do not lose patience with them and discard them. An alternative method is to put them in a fold of a damp kitchen towel, and put the towel and the seeds into sealed plastic snack bag or similar and keep in a warm dark place . Check their germination from time to time and pot up any that have germinated.

Additional information


Hardy Perennial



Number of seeds in packet

approx 20