Briza maxima plants



There are justa few of these plants  in 8cm pots.  $7 each .  They are available Tues-Fri 10am – 2 pm from 449 Sandringham road. Please email us on to reserve a plant and organise collection.


This is a very beautiful slender annual grass, which is a very useful addition to the garden and also is a pretty cut flower. It produces pale green papery seed heads which look like tiny paper lanterns which dance and glint in the sun in a light breeze. It is an excellent addition to the garden border to provide interest and movement. If the seed heads are included in a flower arrangement in a dark area, it will catch stray beams of light and reflect them with a shimmering quality like droplets of water. The seed heads dry well and can be used in dried arrangements. It will self sow politely for you and is never a nuisance.

Additional information



Common Name

Quaking Grass



Maximum Height

approx 60 cm