Aster Callistephus Chinensis ‘Hulk’ seeds -( Aster Hulk)


This is an upright but bushy annual native to China. It produces its flowers in late summer when all else is looking tattered and worn. A useful annual for both garden and as an excellent cut flower.

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This intriguing aster is an excellent cut flower,  and lasts well in the vase. It looks like a green flowered Aster, but in fact it has green bracts in place of petals, surrounding a central yellow disk. It produces many flowers on well branched stems. The flowers are approximately 12 cm wide.  Aster ‘Hulk’ flowers in late summer. Do not bother to deadhead spent blossoms as ‘Hulk’ will not re-flower since long day lengths are required for flower bud formation.

Aster ‘Hulk’ is happiest in full sun, but can take some partial shade. It grows to about 60 cm. It is susceptible to some fungus infections so avoid overwatering or poorly drained soils.

Sowing advice
Sow in spring ,early summer , or late summer or autumn
Sow in trays or pots in a well drained seed raising mix.  Cover seed lightly with vermiculite after sowing. Keep evenly moist.  Germination should take 10-12 days at  20-21 °C. Transplant after 3-4 weeks to larger pots.  Grow on at 14-16 °C.  Callistephus do not grow temperatures below 8 °C and do not tolerate frost. The lower the temperature, the better the plant habit but onset of flowering will be a little delayed. Lower temperatures combined with short days cause the development of a leaf rosette and short stems.




Additional information



Common Name

Aster Hulk



Maximum Height

60 cm

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