Anthemis sancti-johannis – (Roman Camomile)


The hardy Marguerite Daisies are one of the best choices for summer-long colour in the sunny border.


A handsome plant which forms a bushy mound. It has grey-green ferny foliage and above this rise many brilliant orange  daisy  type flowers. They are good for cutting.

It is a hardy marguerite , and is one of the best choices for colour in the border throughout the summer . It tolerates drought, and can adapt to poor soil. It loves the sun and bears flowers from early summer. It is also a great container plant. Deadhead regularly to prolong flowering, and shear them back to 6 inches if it becomes leggy at the end of  the summer to give it a chance to renew itself during the winter.

Sowing advice.

Sow directly outside in  Autumn and Spring. Broadcast sow onto prepared soil which has been raked to a fine tilth. Rake in seed and firm down well. Water and weed. Germination takes 7-21 days at 21°C, longer in cooler weather. Thin to required spacing.

Additional information


Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Roman Camomile, St Johns Camomile


Asteraceae, Compositae

Maximum Height

60 cm

Number of seeds in packet