Anemone coronaria ‘Galilee Pastels’ corms – (Windflower)


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This anemone mix has very pretty mixture of light pastels including pink, hints of pale red, white mauve and creams . Many of the flowers are bicoloured or washed with light colour, others are pure tones of one colour. It is a great colour mix for cut flowers blending with most colour schemes.

Note 1 : We have had mixed reports from customers about these pastels corms. One customer reported that they had had a very good strike rate, and was very happy with them . Another customer was most dissatified with their growth and reported a high percentage of failures. As we appear to have differing growing results , we have left them on the web for you to decide , and we have reproduced the method used by the satisfied customer below

Note 2: 5 corms in the pack

Growing directions

Plant in autumn. Put the corms into a dry paper bag and chill them in the fridge for 6 weeks. After this, pre-soak the corms in room temp water for 2 hours, using a slow running hose so that oxygenated water runs past your corms. Prepare the bed with approx. 7 cm of compost and a balanced fertiliser mixed together. If you want flowers earlier, then pre-sprout the corms by filling a tray half full with moist potting mix, put the corms on top of this and cover with more potting mix. Keep moist but not soggy at 4-10 deg C for 10-14 days. Dig them up carefully and check if their rootlets have developed to approx. 1 cm long. When this happens plant corms 15cm apart out into the bed and approx. 6cm deep with the rootlets facing down.

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Annual, Perennial

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Maximum Height

approx 40 cm