Alonsoa warscewiczii – ( Mask Flower)



This alonsoa has dainty bright scarlet red pouch like flowers in profusion against dark green leaves and grows to approx 50 cm and has a mounding habit. It flowers in summer, and looks lovely planted en masse at the front of the border. To encourage new growth cut back old foliage and spent flowers. It is a good filler for spaces in the garden which would otherwise be bare. This alonsoa has wiry stems and small heart-shaped leaves. Its dainty, colorful flowers will bloom from early summer until late autumn. It is commonly grown as an annual in cooler climates, but also survives as an evergreen perennial where hard frosts do not occur. It likes full sun and a humus rich soil.

Sowing advice
Sow on the surface of a good quality compost, barely covering with a sprinkling of sieved compost or fine vermiculite. Although late spring sowings are more common, there is no harm in sowing at any time in a frost free greenhouse and waiting for germination to occur in at its own pace. The provision of heat (15-20C) will make germination less erratic. Pot on seedlings when they are large enough to handle and plant out when all risk of frost is past.

Additional information


Half Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Mask flower



Maximum Height

30-60 cm

Number of seeds in packet