Allium obliquum – (lop sided onion)


This is a rare species of allium  which has flowers of an unusual shade of citron yellow carried on tall stems.

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This allium  is a distinctive, extremely attractive allium with heads which are up to 1 metre high and 20mm across. It is from Xinjiang in  Mongolia, Khazakstan and southern Russia.Its tightly packed spherical umbels have numerous small yellow pom pom style flowers on strangely twisted stems – hence its common name of the lop sided or twisted onion. It flowers in early summer.

Note: 11 seeds in packet


Sowing advice:

Sow seeds at any time covering them with compost or grit 5mm deep, keeping the seed pot in a cool, well-lit spot outdoors. Artificial heat is not needed and can prevent germination so be very patient as many species will only germinate in the spring after chilling or freezing in the moist seed tray in the winter. Grow on individual seedlings in small pots until of sufficient size to be potted on or planted out into the open ground.



Additional information


Hardy Perennial

Common Name

lop sided onion, twisted onion



Maximum Height

1 metre

Number of seeds in packet