Allium christophii – (Star of Persia)



This plant  is considered to be  one of the most flamboyant members of the allium family.

It has extremely handsome, 25 cm, round heads which are made up of many shiny metallic purple  flowers (one flower head can contain up to 100 small  star-shaped florets ) The flowers are borne in Spring and Summer. They make very good cut flowers and can also be dried.

The plant has strappy leaves and ribbed stems.

It likes full sun and soil with good humus, which is also well drained. It can tolerate dry soils provided it contains good humus.



Seed Raising Advice

Allium seeds need a period of moisture and cold after a period of warmth, to break dormancy, before they will germinate.
The period of cold can be provided by placing the moistened seed in a refrigerator. Put the seed into one fold of a moistened paper kitchen towel, folded into 4 ,and which has been gently squeezed to eliminate most of the water, seal the paper & seeds in a plastic bag and propagate at 18-22 deg C for 2-4 weeks. Inspect from time to time, and if any have sprouted lift them out carefully, pot up, and propagate them at 5-12 deg. C. After the 4 weeks , put into the refrigerator door for 4 to 6 weeks at around -4 to +4°C. Inspect & pot up any germinated seeds, and propagate them at 5-12 deg. C. After chilling bring ungerminated seeds , out of the fridge to 5-12 ° C for germination. If there is no sign of germination after about 12 weeks, the hot and cold procedures above should be repeated for any ungerminated seeds.



Additional information


Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Star of Persia



Maximum Height

45 cm

Number of seeds in packet