Achillea ageratum ‘Moon Walker’ – (Sweet Maudlin )


A very versatile low maintenance non invasive plant which has bright golden yellow flowers all summer long.

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This yarrow has tiny  golden yellow blooms packed together in dense saucer-shaped long lasting heads in summer to early autumn. The flowers  are good for cutting and are borne above the foliage on long strong stems . The foliage is lacy and fern like and is aromatic ,  and forms an attractive clump of base foliage.

It is not invasive, and will bloom the first year.

It is best grown in lean dry to medium well drained soils,  forms and and will tolerate poorer soils so long as the drainage is good. It doesnt like moist rich soils and will not thrive.  Plants can tolerate humid hot conditions in summer and can tolerate some drought.

To prolong the flower display , deadhead regularly. If you cut them back hard to the basal leaf rosette in late summer, you may encourage and additional autumn bonus of flowers.

It is reportedly resistant to deer and to rabbits.

Sowing advice

Sow Spring to Midsummer or in the Autumn.
Sow the seeds on the surface of lightly firmed, moist seed compost in pots or trays. Cover seed with only a light sprinkling of compost  as light aids germination. Water from the base of the tray, Keep in a warm place,  ideally at 15 to 20°C. Keep  moist but do not waterlog. Germination shoudl take between  5 to 10 days.
transplant  each seedling once it has its first set of true leaves and put into 7.5cm  pots containing free-draining compost  until large enough to plant outside. Plant out in well drained soil in full sun and light lean  soil which aids formation of strong stems that dont flop.

Additional information


Hardy Perennial

Common Name

Sweet Maudlin, Sweet Nancy, Sweet Yarrow


Asteraceae, Compositae

Maximum Height

90 cm

Number of seeds in packet